Community Health Programme

About Us

Aadhar Research Institute is a registered non-profit non-governmental organization established in the year 1991. Aadhar initiated its work in villages of Chaksu block of Jaipur District with the objective to locate and provide safe drinking water to the people. This was the priority issue of the area. Later on interaction with the community compelled the organisation to address some other problems, which affected their lives like poor economic, education and health conditions. Interaction with the community made Aadhar realize the need for an integrated approach with not merely addressing on drinking water but also on issues related to education, health and economic upliftment. In a later period Aadhar has extended its services further to the backward villages of Dausa district. 

As an organization, Aadhar has given priority to need-based interventions. In the last ten years, Aadhar has been working and coordinating a network of 10 Partner NGOs. Organisation is making efforts to build the capacities of Local Self Government (Panchayat Raj Institutions) including Village Health and Sanitation and the community groups to take up health and development issues especially in the area of Reproductive and Child Health and Rights.

The Organizational philosophy has been to establish itself within the community to keep up a continued dialogue. Thus, a much higher ownership of the programmes is taken up, leading to greater participation.

Core areas of work
  • Reproductive and Child Health
  • Adolescent Life Skill Education and Reproductive Health
  • Education
    • Pre Primary Education - Balwadi ( 0-5 Years)
    • Primary Education (6-14 Years)
  • Water Conservation
  • Women empowerment
  • Capacity building through Orientations, Trainings and Workshops
  • Advocacy & Linkage 
  • Gender based Issues
  • To mitigate the hardship of village community by undertaking integrated development activities.
Strategic objectives
  • To undertake all round development of economically backward and other deprived sections, particularly villagers. This is to be undertaken with the beneficiary’s viewpoint in mind and with their involvement.
  • To undertake research and implementation related to formal and non-formal education. On this basis formulate policies and implementation by associating women, children and youth.
  • To take up activities related to potable water, public health, agriculture and environment.
  • To establish, identity of women as persons, to establish rapport with them and to eliminate bias based on gender.
  • To help society achieve economical self-reliance by taking up suitable activities.
  • To create awareness amongst masses by producing posters, songs, pamphlets, articles, books, video films and puppet shows.
  • To organize camps for trainings, workshops, meetings, seminars etc.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with like-minded organizations, groups and institutes and assist in development of new groups.
  • Sensitizing Community
  • Capacity building and empowerment through trainings and workshops
  • Empowering women through self help groups (SHGs)
  • Advocacy and Linkages

Project Area

Organization is supporting the rural population of Jaipur and Dausa districts, two neighbouring districts in eastern Rajasthan. Since 1998, Aadhar is coordinating a Network of 10 Partner NGOs in serving rural masses on Reproductive and Child Health Rights (RCHR) in 7 districts including Alwar, Ajmer, Dausa, Tonk, Jaipur, Nagaur and Sikar.